Resource Partners

As an independent firm, we have the flexibility to work with best-in-class resource partners to safeguard our clients assets, provide support for our practice and enhance the solutions we tailor for our global clients.

Excelsis Global Private Wealth is a partner firm of Sanctuary Wealth, an advanced platform for experienced, elite independent advisors. Sanctuary provides all-encompassing operational and technological support in an ecosystem of partnered independence. Through Sanctuary, we are able to access an array of proprietary and non-proprietary investment vehicles and unbiased options, including unique opportunities available only through the Sanctuary Wealth network of partner firms. Sanctuary Global is a dedicated business area to specifically support international advisors. For more information:

Sanctuary Wealth

We have selected BNY Mellon Pershing as our Custodian. Pershing is an industry leader in clearing and custody services with over $2.0 trillion in global client assets representing seven million investor accounts worldwide. Pershing is owned by BNY Mellon, which is the longest standing operating bank in the U.S., surpassing 235 years. With over $41 trillion in assets under custody, BNY Mellon is the largest custodian in the world by a significant margin.

Pershing provides clearing and custody services in 65 global markets, with execution services in over 60 markets globally and facilitating the trading and conversion of 50 currencies.

BNY Mellon Pershing